Butt3rflyforu - You're A Big Boy Now

Butt3rflyforu - You're A Big Boy Now
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I have big news for you darling. Your dad has been gone for some time now and your big brother is moving out so now you must step up and fill his shoes. This is a big responsibility which will include sl33ping with mommy every night in mommy’s bed, being here for mommy emotionally and most importantly physically. Your job is to make babies with mommy to carry on your name sake…..you won’t be masturbating anymore….mommy is your sex outlet…..you also will be able to come home during school to keep trying to make babies….I need sex from you throughout the day….all day….no condoms will ever be used! You wont need to start dating because mommy will make sure that your sexual needs are filled…are you ready to fulfill your new role honey? I wore this sexy white teddy to consummate our first night together!
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