Gala MV - Daughter's Buttcrack

Gala MV - Daughter's Buttcrack
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*custom vid, NO name used* It’s my birthday, today we celebrate the day I was born and the day YOU became MY father. And you’re such a good dad giving me all the presents :) I open them: a stuffed animal, and then… some pink leggings! Dad they’re so cute!!! I can’t believe how good your sense of fashion is… well; you know, when you’re a girl it’s usually our moms who buy us clothes. And… I know things between mom and you haven’t been great. I love her but I wish she would treat you better… she didn’t even take the day off work for my bday. So I truly appreciate you doing this for me. ANyway… let me try these leggings. Ooops, they’re too small dad! Your daughter is grown up now… but don’t feel too bad, i love it anyway. You’re the best. Oh… you can see my buttcrack? I’m sorry I forgot to cover up! … you don’t mind? Well, it’s only normal you see your daughter’s butt crack I guess >:). Cum on dad, you can lick, smell and play with my buttcrack (JOI, dad/daughter taboo talk, mention of in*c*e$st dirty talk). I’ll wear these leggings when mom’s not home! Now cum all over your daughter’s buttcrack (cum countdown from 5), I wanna taste my buttcrack and your cum at the same time… you truly are the best dad ever, I love you forever!! *this vid is loving, intimate, with kissing and intimate moments*
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