LinaBlackly - Shrunken Son Gives Mommy Pleasure

LinaBlackly - Shrunken Son Gives Mommy Pleasure
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Mommy gently tells you you are terrible at your job, but she has a new idea. One that you only have to work one day a week, and all the food you can eat. But you have to trust mommy. So you do, and she shrinks you too much! She can’t hear you speak; now you live in her panty drawer. Your job is to fold her panties. Day after day, you are in her pantry drawer until she reveals that you will never be regular size again. So she takes you and has you pleasure her all over her body and pussy. Now it’s time for a shower with mommy, but Daddy comes home! She gets out in a rush and puts you back in the drawer. Kisses son!
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